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Alumni of 1991 Batch had sponsored this website

Name of the Contributors

 Mr. Manoj Sundaram

Mr. George Thambi

 Mr. Karthik Kiran Seshagiri

                Mr. P.K.Ramnath

  Mr. Karthik Krishnan

            Mr. Navin Prabhakar

                Mr. P.RajaSrinivasan

                 Mrs. G.Sujatha

            Mr. M.Vishnuraj
                Mr. V.Ravi                  Mrs. Sunitha Sharma             Mrs. Uma Parvathy
                Mr. Devaraj    

Alumni of 1990 Batch had contributed Rs 19501/- towards Alumni Benevolent Fund Account and interest accrued is being

utilized for awards for deserving students.


The list of initial contributors to this fund :


D.R. Hemanth Singh


Deepak V. Garag

Bernard Selva

S.Siraj Pasha

R.M. Rajan

A. Aijaz Pasha

Y.Abid Ahmed

Swapna Chakravarthy



An Alumni meet is being drawn up to bring together all our students who have stepped out. The meeting is proposed for

 _______________ every year. The interested contributors are requested to meet a week ahead of the scheduled date for

 organizing the Alumni meet.


  For More Details :                                Proceed Next >>> For Alumni Registration



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